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This integration is currently not available. However, there are two integration options. You can request this integration from Spring GDS which is added to the roadmap based on the volume of requests or you can integrate directly to Spring GDS via API documentation.

RevolutionParts Integration

Connect your RevolutionParts Store with Spring GDS and access our global delivery solutions straight in your RevolutionParts Store Backend and Frontend.

What does Spring GDS bring to the table?:

Customers can use the Spring GDS shipping solutions to: 
Print shipping labels from within their web shop back office.
Ship goods around the world with reliable carriers.   
Select their preferred shipping methods. 
See the status of all their orders in one single dashboard.  
Access detailed tracking data.  
Manage outbound and return shipments.
Offer consumers a range of delivery options. 
Add customs clearance and/or VAT management services for goods that cross the EU - UK border.

Why Spring GDS for your e-commerce store?

Wherever it becomes a challenge for you to ship internationally, Spring GDS can gladly take over. Discover our solutions that meet your needs, with a worldwide 100% carbon neutral shipping network. By mastering the CO2 emissions data, using biofuel and replacing one time use materials by zero-waste alternatives Spring GDS leads the way in a more sustainable transport network.

How to start shipping

Spring GDS Account: You'll need a Spring GDS Account to use the RevolutionParts integration. Would you like to have one, please contact our team.

Plug & Play: Use our Plug & Play or API integration. Request your preferred way of getting started.

Supported: Onboarding Support & Help Desk. Our experts will support you getting setup and configured.

Track and send parcels worldwide with flexible shipping options

RevolutionParts Integration Features

Access Spring GDS Delivery Methods: Connect your Spring GDS Account and access all the delivery methods we offer. See the list below.

Single and Bulk Label Processing: Process your Orders individually or in bulk directly within your Stores Admin Order Page or Order Overview Page.

Set Shipping Defaults and Rules: Set Default Shipping Rules selecting default shipping method, package templates, delivery address from Check-Out based on Delivery Method from Check-Out or Product Type.

Manage Package Templates, Locations, Contacts and Tax IDs: Use your default Store Data or add additional Locations, Package Templates, Contact Details or Tax IDs to automate your processing.

Filters: Filter your Orders and Shipments based on Status, Carrier, Tracking Number directly from your Store Admin Order Overview Page.

Split & Combine Orders: Process complicated Orders or multiple Orders from the same buyer with our Split and Combine Order Feature to optimize for delivery time, experience or price.

Document Formats: Access your Labels in a variety of different PDF and ZPL formats.

Printing Automation: Simplify your Pick&Pack Process by sending your labels directly to your preferred destination like Email, Download or directly to your printer using QZ Tray. Select if you want individually files per label or multiple labels included in 1 file.

Tracking, Notifications and Store Order Status: Access Tracking Numbers and Status directly in your Store Admin and set rules for Order Status change based on Shipping Status.

Shipping Services:

  • Spring Tracked
  • Spring Untracked
  • Spring Signed
Spring Back

Returns Features

Access Spring GDS Return Methods: Connect your Spring GDS Account and access our Return Services.

Return Label Processing: Create Return Labels for all your orders, whether you shipped them with Spring GDS or not. Attach individual products form the order to your return label.

Set Return Defaults and Rules: Simplify your return processing by setting defaults and rules for Shipping Method, Sender and Receiver Addresses etc.

Spring Clear

Customs Clearance Features

Access Spring GDS Custom Clearance Services: Connect your Spring GDS Account and access our Customs Clearance Services.

HS Codes, Country of Origin and IOSS: Manage HS Codes, Country of Origin along with IOSS or other Tax IDs needed for customs clearance.

Tax Calculations in Check-Out: Automatically calculate tax on your orders during the Check-Out to ensure DDP Shipping is possible for your customers.

Duty Calculations in Check-Out: Automatically calculate duties during the Check-Out based on your HS Codes, enabling DDP Shipping for your customers. 

Other Integrations

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Access Spring GDS easily for your Store

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